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Here she is, my new lady...

Today I woke buzzing with excitement as the kiln needs opening. This last few weeks I have been building a new “Thoughtful figure”. The dfifference is that this lady is a fair bit larger than my usual ladies. Therefore building her was a little more challenging. I wanted her to have an air of contentedness about her… that the on looker would gather a sense of peace from her. She made it from clay into becoming ceramic, as I fired her to 1000 degrees. Last week I applied her glaze. Over the weekend I watched as the kiln rose slowly to 1280 degrees, hoping that all was well for her! This morning I excitedly opened the kiln as it had dropped to 65 degrees. But even at this temperature I am a little nervous that my thinner pieces could crack with the shock of the cold air rushing into the kiln. So I tentatively opened the door a little way…

She seems to have made it. The colour has developed as I had hoped, and although she shyly has her back turned to me I feel that all is well.

Image: warm out of the kiln.

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